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PreviousShows_quote2016 Illuminate Guest Artists: Samantha Johnson from America’s Got Talent, STOMP, Jared and Noni Mason, and TEN 31 Productions  |  2015 Move It! Guest Artists: STOMP, Jared and Noni Mason, and TEN 31 Productions  |  2014 EXYO 20 Guest Artists: STOMP: London, NYC, and National Tour, Blue Man Group, with a special video appearance by Boston POPS Conductor Keith Lockhart  |  2013 Viva Guest Artists: Ricardo Monzon Latin Ensemble, STOMP, Pingree Spectrum, Boston Children’s Chorus  |  2012 Pulse Guest Artists: STOMP, Pingree Spectrum, Boston Children’s Chorus, with Anthony Tracek-King, Director  |  2011 Here & Now Guest Artists: STOMP, Ricardo Monzon Latin Ensemble, Boston Children’s Chorus  |  2010 Red Hot & Blue Guest Artists: STOMP, Annawon Weeden, Old Cold Tater, Beverly High Marching Band, George C. Wolfe, playwright and director  |  2009 Bounce Guest Artists: STOMP, Nancy Ostrovsky, James Runner and ITM, Swingtown  |  2008 Let’s Glow Guest Artists: STOMP, Swingtown – St. John’s Prep  |  2007 Put Your Wild On Guest Artists: Joh Camara, Master Drummer, STOMP, James Runner, North Shore Music Theater Choir  |  2006 Islands – Feel the Beat Guest Artists: Ron Reid, Steel Drums, STOMP  |  2005 Colors with an Asian Twist Guest Artists: Odaiko New England, STOMP – Lorraine LeBlanc, Origamido  |  2004 Express Yourself 10th Anniversary Guest Artists: STOMP, Liz Brunner & Anthony Everett, WCVB-TV  |  2003 Arts in Motion Guest Artists: STOMP, PhenomenArts, Inc.  |  2002 Express Yourself Now! Guest Artist: Blue Man Group  |  2001 The Elements  |  2000 Spirit of the West Guest Artists: Keith Lockhart, Lucia Linn  |  1999 Oceana Guest Artist: Boston’s No Note Bounds  |  1998 Carnivale  |  1997 The Tropical Rainforest Guest Artist: Curious Creatures – Dean Kosch  |  1996 Night at the Wang II  |  1995 Night at the Wang